Prevention Park is a group of educational projects (targeting drug abuse, obesity, numeracy, wellness, etc...) created by Pavel Tuma. The new Interactive is an innovative system for developing the mind and body of children, youth and adults. This system focuses on sociability, creativity, health and fitness by including healthy eating cafes, the latest PC equipment, our own 5D technology, and social networks. Each year the number of obese schoolchildren in the European Union increases by 400,000. The EU aims to reduce this number, and we have the solution!

In short: we have created a new type of outdoor environment that is an enormous leap forward from conventional playgrounds, with the aim of enticing children out of the lull of their solitary home video games. The typical users of Interactive include schools in the morning (a history teacher helps a physical education teacher and vice versa), and parents with children in the afternoon. The example shown here (for children age 7 and older) is just one of many versions.

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